Zack and Gelene Stockton


Zack, like so many of us, became interested in rocks at a young age.  He always liked to pick up pretty rocks.  He and his family would bring back rocks from most trips they took.  He and Gelene decided to join the club after attending a spring show at the civic center about 10 -12 years ago.  Don Brenholtz was president of the club at the time they joined. 

Zack and Gelene didn’t have any formal training in the earth sciences but learned from other club members, field trips, classes and from being around other rock hounds with the same interest.  Zack wrote, “We enjoy the many good friends that we have made.  Having a good time and learning more and more about this hobby are reasons why we will stay active in the club for as long as we can.”

Zack served as secretary/treasurer for 4 years retiring from the job in 2005.  He was then chosen to serve as chairman of a committee to organize classes for the club.  Zack has organized several classes and has served on the finance committee.  He has also served as a good will and public relations person at our spring show for several years. 

He has demonstrated the art of constructing stained glass pieces at the spring show several times.  Zack has taken silversmithing classes and completed 4 levels of classes. Zack has also attended classes in carving and building Spirit Eyes. He doesn’t have any formal training in design and art but you see its influence in his silver and lapidary pieces of jewelry.  Zack is very careful in his designs and uses measurements and drawings to make the most efficient use of his time and supplies. 

Zack has a personal shop which is very organized into a small space.  He has built a few machines for his shop to help with his lapidary work.  Currently he is designing an exhaust system for his shop. 

Zack and Gelene both love to take field trips with the club and have made several trips to the Big Bend area and New Mexico.


Zack discussing class schedules 2005.
Gelene is front center.



Zack (bottom picture) in a casual moment at the club house.