2005 Abilene Show

Memories of This and That
Photos by Greg

Level 4 Silversmithing Team
Jim, Jerry, JoAn, Judy, Norma Ann.
Level 4 Silversmithing
Best of Show Award
Display Case by JoAn
Teacher: Jerry Davis
JoAn Wilks by her display of level 4 projects.
Jerry and Jim.  Oh yes, behind them is the case with the Squash Blossom. smile. 1st place Display by Jim Owens
special project level 4.
More of Jim's work.
Bob and Helen's Fluorescent display.


Zack talks everyone into joining our club and then charges them for the privilege. Ian shows people how to win at the tables.
JoAn Norma Ann telling about how rings are made. Norma Ann beside some of her silver work.
Sallie Lightfoot our show chairperson. Charles Lightfoot won a display case award. Zack and Lou Jane discuss prospective members.
Betty and Carlos running the silent auction with Charlie Harrison in the back.  One of our dealers (Corene McGregor) makes a bid. Betty and Carlos watching closely. Gary Hudson making a big sale.
Jerry about to solder a large number of rings.  Looks very serious about it. Jon Denison says "Jerry, do I only have 70 rings to solder?" Norma is telling how it is while Jerry thinks about it.
If you work with your mouth open you can get more done. JoAn says "This will not polish". "Jim, will you look at this?"
Dick McKissick faceting.  "That was a good one!" Dick loves his work! 
And we do too.
Judy demonstrates how to make an ugly rock into a beautiful work of art. Dave Vargo cutting designs into polished agate flats. Bruce Smith checks our work.
Jim and JoAn Tammie explains faceting to our new member. Jim and JoAn Silversmithing
Clay is our new apprentice in the club.  Charlie Lightfoot shows Clay  the art of Lapidary.  Clay's goal is to learn about each of the arts we have to offer from silversmithing to carving.
Charles Lightfoot's case won 2nd place in Lapidary. Sallie's case with a variety of arts including silversmithing, repousse, chaining, wire wrapping.


Don Brenholtz helping the kids.
Tony and Don help the kids with their geodes. "Jim will you look at this?" Ricky and Don putting the squeeze on an amethyst geode.