Special Exhibit of Spheres and Gemstone Butterfly Collection


Russ and Dee

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Exhibition Tips

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Russ shows awards won at 
San Antonio Show


Russ has made over 370 gemstone spheres over the past 5 years.


rhodonite sphere.jpg (35968 bytes) red jasper and hematite.JPG (29940 bytes) dinosaur-bone.jpg (25017 bytes) picturerock.JPG (33735 bytes) oolitic%20limestone.jpg (34157 bytes)


Red Jasper & Hematite Dinosaur Bone Picture Rock Oolitic Limestone


Favorite Sphere

Russ has chosen Parrot Wing Agate as his favorite at this point.


parrot wing.jpg (29119 bytes)
Parrot Wing Agate



Black Dinosaur Bone
with inclusions of red


dinored1.JPG (23430 bytes) dinored2.JPG (25151 bytes)


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The Gemstone Butterfly Collection


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Examples of the butterfly collection

3 brazilian on coral.jpg (33880 bytes) black_brazilian_on_coral.jpg (27044 bytes) twobrazialpetwood.JPG (28443 bytes)
Brazilian Agate on Coral Black Brazilian on
Brazilian on Petrified Wood



(Other art work not necessarily on exhibit)


Geode Water Fountain

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