Roger was a Dear and Kind man

Jerry Davis

Roger was a member of the Central Texas Gem and Mineral Society in Abilene.   He always attended meetings and went on field trips.  He seemed to really enjoy the trips we took together.

He always had his “rock scoop” with him on field trips.    With that scoop he managed to collect plenty of rocks and didn’t have to stoop over to get them.

Roger had special traits.  One of them being a very nice but mischievous smile.  He used that smile a lot along with a twinkle in his eye.

Roger was warm toward people and knew about love.  He loved us and we loved him.

He was a quiet man and maybe a shy man.  He was very still and  listened to those around him.  When he talked he had something meaningful to say. 

Roger was always there for you when you needed him.  

He was very active in our club and he was in my silversmithing class.   I heard he was having some pain or discomfort in the days before a class about three weeks ago.  To my surprise he showed up for class; he looked a little tired.  I said Roger “I am surprised to see you here today.  You don’t have to worry about this silversmithing.  Maybe you should be at home resting.  You can do this project later.”  He said, “No, it’s OK.   I have been a little nervous and I need to be here for a while.”   With tongue in cheek I said “Well OK, I will see if we can relax you with this silversmithing project today.”  He smiled and said, “I hope so.”  He quietly went to work.

Roger was beginning to accumulate equipment and get into his new hobby.  He had completed several assigned projects with our class.   Last Saturday he came to class after missing a couple of sessions to be with his family.  He said, “Well, guess I am behind in my work!?”  I said, “Yes, but just start where you stopped working last time.”   I could see he was feeling real far behind.  I saw him do a great pause.  He had noticed something about the last project that he hadn’t done and it gave him concern.  He wanted to meet all the requirements of the assignment, so he decided to correct what he had left out.   It was obvious that he didn’t want to do anything less than the best work.   He studied about it for a while then quietly began to work on his project.  We had a good session Saturday.  He left class with optimism, planning to catch up as soon as more supplies came in that he had ordered.  

Penny said Roger was working on a design of a Humming Bird pendant for her in his shop Sunday afternoon when he began to not feel well.  Later in the day as he became worse, he told Penny she might need to cancel his order of silversmithing supplies.

I will miss Roger as we do our traveling and as we do our classes.  I will miss him working by my side at the Folk Life Festival and gem show as he did last year.  

Roger was our friend and we will miss him!