Fluorescent Rocks and Minerals


Exhibit by Bob and Helen Patterson
Fluorescent Case
Central Texas Gem and Mineral Show

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Fluorescent Case Gemstone Fluorescent Tree decorated with Calcite(Red), Willemite (Green) and Fluorite (Blue) made by Jessie Davis 2nd view
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Zincite Zincite Calcite
Boquillas, Mexico
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Calcite(red), Willemite(green), Franklinite(dark) 8" Sphere of calcite & Willemite made by Harry Elliott Jr. Case of Fluorescents by Bob Patterson CTGMS 4/14/01
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  Small Tube Agate from Richardson Ranch 
Thunder Egg (arch about 1/4" wide)
2nd view
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  Easter Bunny visits case  

Abilene Civic Center
Second Weekend in April