lets go exploring


One thing we will need to explore geology is somewhere we can find out what all those funny sounding words mean.    Here is a glossary where we can look them up
I put this link at the top of this page so it will be easy to find.

Now let's see what else we can find.
Here is a page with some good stuff.  You can even ask a geologist a question and get an answer.  That sounds like fun

Like to do experiments?  You will need some help with these.   Why not show this page to a teacher and get the whole class involved?   lets have some fun

Do you know what a fossil is?  Here is a good place to learn. Click here for pictures and a lot of good information.

HEY!!!  I can see a long way from up here!  Take a look from the Hubble telescope.  This is cool

I thought I heard something!

wpe2.jpg (13960 bytes)


Want to see what dinosaurs looked like? take a look at these pictures.   Image courtesy of Dinosauria on-line

Image by Christopher Srnka Copyright 1998 Christopher Srnka and Jeff Poling



Here are links to some really good sites.   Some have things for sale, some don't.      All have a lot of good information.

Amethyst Galleries   A lot of pictures and excellent descriptions of minerals.
Bobs Rockshop Links to everything to do with rockhounding.   U.S. club list, show dates and any thing else you might want.
How about some more dinosaurs?  check it out   More than you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs.  Links to other interesting creatures.

earthrise.jpg (19916 bytes)

Earth rising above the moon


Want to see what NASA has planned?   Go to their HOME PAGE to find out.  From there you can go to pictures and information about the space flights.  See what the earth looks like from space. Let's take a break.  How about doing SOME MAGIC tricks.  See if you can outsmart the computer. Like to play Tic Tac Toe ?   Here are some interactive fun games that will make you think.

Let's explore some caves and see
what we can find.
Maybe some outlaws hid their loot in here.
More links to come.