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who we are:

We are a non-profit rock hound club in Abilene, Texas.  We enjoy all aspects of the lapidary hobby.



We would like to have you to join our club and enjoy the hobby with us.

We meet the first Monday night of each month except holidays. 

Our workshop is available to club members every Monday night except meeting nights.

We meet at 7:00pm in a yellow building at Caps, TX, Hwy 277, 4.7 miles Southwest of Abilene.

Come on out and enjoy!  Visitors are Welcome any time.

Note: If you don't have experience with lapidary, but would like to learn, someone at the club will be glad to teach you.

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You can download an application for membership by clicking on the following link:

Membership Application

Map to Club House


Contact us by postal mail at:

Central Texas Gem and Mineral Society
PO Box 7343
Abilene, TX  79608

or by email at:




Rock Hound Awards

1999 John & Stella Chalmers
2000 Jim and Rose Owens
2001  Don Brenholtz
2002  Jerry Davis
2004  Zack and Gelene Stockton
2004  Life Memberships
Russ and Dee Cable
2004  Outstanding Service 
Russ and Dee Cable
2005  Carlos Talley  
2006  Charles and Sallie Lightfoot   
2007  none selected  
2008 Tim Walker  


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Silverwork and Inlay by teacher Jerry Davis

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The Ramblin' Rock hound

Club Mission

  • Promote the rock-hound hobby

  • Learn new lapidary skills

  • Learn about rocks, fossils & minerals

  • Enjoy nature and learn more about our world

  • Provide educational scholarships

  • Sponsor Abilene Gem and Mineral Show 

Club Activities

Classes are for established club members only, we don't offer any classes for the general public.    You must be active in the club for several months.  Active means being present for club meetings, working for the club, taking trips, etc.
Read About it.

Members Highlights
            Lapidary skills
Silverwork and candid shots
Sand Art
Flint Knapping
Wire wrapping
Chain fabrication
Bead stringing
Field trips

Gem & Mineral Show
second weekend in April -- Civic Center, Abilene, TX.

Workshop every Monday night at 7:00  at Caps, TX, South of Abilene

Come on out and enjoy.  Visitors are welcome anytime.

More About Us

Come on, lets go rock hunting.
Old hounds may come along

Let's go exploring.

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